Al Snow Mok a.k.a WizWar100

Al is born and raised in Toronto and has been a video maker since 2006 on YouTube when it was still new.
He creates videos on the internet making reviews about video games for entertainment, education, and comedy when bad games appear.
His shows include”
– ‘Is It Worth It?’: a series checking out games or others to see is it worthy of all the praise or hate that the public is giving it.
– Just Reviews: The reviews where he ‘Just Reviews’ the game but also doing some ‘JUSTice review’ on the game, reviewing it fairly and truly for what the game is.
In addition he also does let’s plays and video game streams on TwitchTv.
  • XP bad rng and execution had me fail my battletoads gameboy run. I'll be back though 1 day ago
  • Gonna head to Games Finished Adequately 10 now, watch the stream at https://t.co/YBsAjzq7dv my game is at 2:20 pm wish me luck :3 2 days ago
  • Playing Devoid of Shadow for review and stream: https://t.co/OAKHYgcZEu Multistreaming with https://t.co/BumgfoK79W 2 days ago
  • was going to stream/practice battletoads GB for Games finished Adequately tomorrow. I'll try tonight late, but we'll see due to people here 2 days ago
  • Sigh why is uploading the fallout podcast so complicated? Without us8ing Youtube does anyone know where to upload a podcast? big long files 3 days ago