Alyson Court

Alyson Court ~ Known for her portrayal of such iconic characters as Loonette the Clown from the The Big Comfy Couch:), Claire Redfield from Resident Evil, Jubilee from X-Men (TV series) and Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice (TV series), Alyson can currently be heard as Queen Martha in Mike the Knight, Trina in Grojband, several guest characters in the new Inspector Gadget series and as one of the leads in the upcoming epic fantasy series, Mysticons. She has numerous animรฉ credits to her name including Aqune from Spider Riders, Beyblade, Bakugan & Medabots.

Alyson continues to perform both on & off camera in addition to writing, producing and directing children’s television, animation, film and video games.

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