Hello! My name is Brocardo, and I love to play video games, watch anime and smash a smile into people’s faces! I’m an aspiring Entrepreneur with years of Digital Marketing experience with the only purpose to inspire the world to make their dreams into a living!

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  • RT  @mikel0310 : So I decided to start a blog to post some of my crazy thoughts. If you think you might be interested here you go: https://t.… 1 month ago
  •  @LucaAnimates  herro, are you currently available for work? xD 2 months ago
  •  @MrSamSmall  Hey, im looking for an animator(s) that could help us in a special project. Would you be interested? it would be paid work 2 months ago
  •  @ZenArtzz  Hola, como estas? estoy buscando un animador para un proyecto. Estas interesado? 2 months ago