Daryl Santos a.k.a DarylDoesShow

Starting back in late 2010, Daryl began to create daily video blogs, via DarylDoesShow, documenting his everyday life in hopes to share the world through his own eyes. Always encouraging positivity, kindness, and just the simple act of enjoying life. Fast forward a year later, Daryl Does Games was born! Creating a wide variety of gaming related content, from simple let’s plays, to rants and reviews, DarylDoesGames has become a hub for anything gaming related that is simply fun or entertaining.

Through the experiences of both channels an opportunity presented itself to work with others on the Minecraft Teen Titans. Voicing over 40 characters, and the series spanning over 250 episodes, the channel has become a hit with younger viewers who get to interact with some of their favorite superhero characters.

Currently, Daryl has also included the addition of streaming on Twitch 2-3 times a week giving fans an opportunity to interact and ask questions while watching some of their favorite games, or sitting down to a relaxing perler art stream. Daryl’s latest works can be found via YouTube (DarylDoesShow & DarylDoesGames), Twitch (DarylDoesGames) and Tumblr (DarylDoesCrafts).

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