Joe Motiki

Most known for: Metabee in Medabots, Ryan in Total Drama Island: Ridonculous Race, Rocky Canyon in Rescue Heroes, Shadow in Spider Riders, Host of POV Sports and Kidszone

Joseph Motiki is a television host and performer. He has been entertaining audiences for over twenty years across different platforms and can’t wait to meet fans of Medabots, as well as the Unplugged attendees in person.

Joe played the rare medal-powered Metabee on the anime series Medabots for its entire North American run. He has also voiced characters in numerous animated programs like Rescue Heroes, Spider Riders, Bakugan, and Lifes A

Most recently, he starred in the Total Drama spinoff The Ridonculous Race and is working on the upcoming television adaption Hotel Transylvania: The TV Series, due in 2017.

Fans may also know Joe from his four years hosting TVOntario’s after-school children’s block The tvokids Crawlspace, or more recently handing out money to unsuspecting contestants on the Food Network game show Ice Cold Cash.

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