Liana K

Liana K, is a Canadian television host, writer and producer. She is also a video game journalist and hobbyist cosplayer. One half of the dynamic duo along with Ed the Sock, she has produced, written and co-hosted Ed & Red’s Night Party, Ed the Sock Report, Ed and Red’s Comic Strip, This Movie Sucks!, I Hate Hollywood, and many others.

Liana K currently writes about video games and the video game industry for Metaleater, and has written as a video game critic for 411MANIA and GamingExcellence, also writing about tabletop and live-action role-playing games. She has also been a contributor for other gaming outlets, such as Gameranx and Polygon and worked as a model, including as a promotional model. She co-edited science fiction and fantasy anthology Wrestling with Gods (2014).

Liana K will be co-hosting this years Masters of Cosplay contest.

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Liana K

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