show policy

Information and rules to abide by


  1. All attendees are required to dress appropriately and in consideration of younger attendees. Cosplay is not an excuse to dress inappropriately.
  2. Food and drinks are permitted in the venue. Please leave the spaces in the exact way you found them and clean up after yourself.
  3. Unplugged Expo has a ZERO tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, verbal or physical, of other attendees. Please ensure you aren’t acting in a disruptive manner.
  4. Pictures and video recording are allowed but please remember to ask permission BEFORE you photograph or film cosplayers and other individuals.
  5. Respect and follow the instructions of volunteers, staff and event organizers.
  6. All props and cosplay weapons MUST be checked by staff before you are allowed to carry them around the show floor. Do NOT be careless or unsafe in your use of these props or they will be confiscated.
  7. Live animals are not permitted on show premises unless a designated service animal.
  8. Do NOT bring the following items to the show:
    • Alcohol or other intoxicants and drugs
    • Inappropriate or discriminatory signs or clothing
    • Advertising for products and services for solicitation not related to the convention
    • Live firearms, ammunition and props made of metals
    • Weapons or any prop item modified to resemble or could be mistaken for a real weapon
  9. Any weapons that are purchased on the show floor MUST remain sheathed or holstered till you have exited the convention space.
  10. Wristbands and passes must be visible at all times. Volunteers and staff may ask to see them at anytime and all attendees are expected to comply.
  11. Please us common sense and abide by all normal laws outside of the show.


  1. Harassment, stalking, intimidation, cat-calling or disruptive behaviour is NOT allowed.
  2. Cosplay is not consent and if a cosplayer asks you to leave them alone then please comply.
  3. Do NOT intentionally touch anyone without their explicit permission. NO “Glomping” or “FREE HUGS”. This can be construed as assault and may result in police involvement.
  4. If you feel like you or another attendee are being harassed, please bring it to the attention of Unplugged Volunteers, Staff or Organizers IMMEDIATELY. We are unable to take action at a later time and silence may be endangering other attendees.


  1. Failure/refusal to comply with any of the above convention policy will result in repercussions at the discretion of Unplugged Staff including but not limited to:
    • Warnings
    • Removal from the convention with no refund
    • Confiscation of offending items or property
    • Banning of attendee from all future Unplugged events
    • Involvement of Police and other legal governing authorities
  2. Unplugged Staff and organizers reserve the right to evaluate each violation on case by case basis.


  1. Unplugged Expo, its staff and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury patrons may experience while attending the show.
  2. Celebrity guests who are announced on Unplugged Expo’s Webpage are under contract to appear on October 15 or 16 2016. However in rare cases due to certain professional commitments, illness, or personal emergencies, announced guests may not be able to attend as scheduled. Unplugged Expo is not responsible for guests who cancel on the grounds of professional commitments, illness, or personal emergencies.
  3. All scheduled events are subject to change without notice. Unplugged Expo reserves the right to change scheduled events due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to staff issues, emergencies, natural disasters etc.
  4. Unplugged staff and individuals contracted by the show may take pictures and record video of attendees and cosplayers during some events without notification. All pictures and video are used for promotional and marketing purposes only. Where possible, all individuals will be credited.
  5. Purchasing a ticket (Weekend or One Day Pass) constitutes your agreement to abide by all show policies.