Robot battle

Having fun and learning at the same time is what we aspire to, and STAO brings the fun to Unplugged Expo with Science projects meant to stimulate young minds. Not only that, they’re having an open challenge to all competitors for a Robotics Tournament!

This special robotics tournament using Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits. Maximum will be 6 teams of no more than 4 individuals per team. Teams will have 60-90 minutes to build their robot and then 60-90 minutes in order to complete 4-6 tasks ending with a sumo event. Team members will not be able to interact with their robot directly during each event, only the judges can move the robot in and out of the event. Between events, the team may add/modify in their area. We will bring 6 extra kits for this plus a 7th for parts if needed.

Are you up to the challenge?