Games Finished Adequately – Speedruns for Charity is happy to be part of Unplugged Expo to showcase their Games Finished Adequately event this October. A speedrunning charity event for Sick Kids that features awesomeness from local speedrunners of Toronto and surrounding areas. As always, they will be raising funds for SickKids Foundation throughout the speedrunning day. We promise you a spectacle that everyone will enjoy while helping support Sick Kids.

What can I do?

Please join the stream where a donation link will be available that day. You can match the Adequate Challenges and donate as they come. There will be a donation box by the stream if you would like to donate by person. Any amount of donation is a good donation. $1 to $10 or more if you feel generous. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO SickKids. Russell will send an email to everyone who donated and thank them personally, along with the receipt to SickKids foundation.

Donate To SickKids by following this link:


Speedrun Schedule:


Daniel DTtysonator
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Estimated time of completion – 20mins


Andrew Newby
Donkey Kong:Tropical Freeze
Estimated time of completion – 1:45hr


Russell ‘NeoRussell’ Ordona
Mega Man 3
Estimated time of completion – 45mins


Mike “Mr.MKL” Levesque
Mighty Gunvolt Ekoro any%
Estimated time of completion – 15mins


Nick “AdequateGamerBoy”
Megaman Xtreme 2 (X Mission)
Estimated time of completion – 40mins


Daniel DTysonator
Blindfold Punch Out: Tyson Only
Estimated time of completion – 5mins


Andrew “NotSoNewby” Newby
Shovel Knight
Estimated time of completion – 1hr


Nick “AdequateGamerBoy”
Ninja gaiden III
Estimated time of completion – 22mins


Link ‘TheBlackHylian’ Stewart with Russell
Mega Man X4 (X and Zero Speedrun)
Estimated time of completion – 1hr


Alex “Elminster” Wong
Super Metroid any%
Estimated time of completion – 1hr


Matt ‘Dangerman’ Grupe
Mario 64
Estimated time of completion – 1.5hr


Stef “pidgezero_one” Kischak
Super Mario RPG any%
Estimated time of completion – 3.5hr