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  • What if Sony made a PS4 portable that could play every PS4 game. However it would cost $100 more than Switch. Would you buy? 2 minutes ago
  •  @THEREALRTU  Especially if it's hate speech and the parent company is owned by a family who is attacked in the piece. 9 minutes ago
  •  @THEREALRTU  I've worked in marketing and advertisements, trust me the heads go insane when an ad gets associated with stuff like that. 10 minutes ago
  •  @retrowaretv  Best I can find is the Mexican Lay's chip company produces a replica product called Pizzerolas. It's u… 35 minutes ago
  •  @retrowaretv  And where they don't market them with the T.G.I name they go with the regular name right here:… 48 minutes ago