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We started with a simple idea…an event that was fun, fresh and served up new experiences for the growing geek community-and we’ve been doing it ever since.

First held in 2012 and based in the Toronto area, Unplugged Expo is an event for like minded individuals to meet, discover and live out their inner geek. For attendees, we strive to keep the sense of wonder and excitement alive from the moment you walk through the doors.

Unplugged has been called many things…a cosplay convention, a nostalgia con, a mixed bag. We prefer to think we’re just DIFFERENT.

What started as a brainstorming session of common interests has turned into so much more over the past 5 years. After each show, we are encouraged and delighted to hear about all the positive experiences

Our Mission


A safe fun environment to indulge your inner geek.


The best entertainment and programming that we can provide.


We will do our very best to ensure that both our vendors and attendees leave the show with a smile on their faces.

The Team

  • Anastasiia Ocheretna
    Anastasiia Ocheretna Volunteer Coordinator

    For matters related to volunteering, please email me

  • Angel Fraser
    Angel Fraser Sponsorship Director

    For matters related to sponsorship and live engagement please email me

  • Corrado Rizza
    Corrado Rizza Financial Officer/Vendor Coordinator

    For matters related to finance, requisitioning and logistics please email me

  • Edgar D’Souza
    Edgar D’Souza Creative Director

    For matters related to creative development and marketing, please email me

  • James Bade
    James Bade Guest Relations Coordinator

    For matters related to guest relations and floor management please email me.

  • Jason Bogle
    Jason Bogle Legal Counsel
  • Julia Won
    Julia Won Registration Coordinator/ Asst. Volunteer Coordinator

    For matters related to registration and volunteering, please email me

  • Zalmen Serebryanski
    Zalmen Serebryanski Vendor/Floor Coordinator

    For all matter related to floor planning, vendor move-in, please email me

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