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Bamzy Cosplay

Bamzy Cosplay

Entering the convention community in 2008, Bamzy was thrust into a world that she felt at home and truly accepted in all her ‘weirdness ‘ that separated her from the normal interested of her peers. 

Seeing all the individuals running around dressed up as their favourite characters and heroes, she knew this was something special and wanted to take part. 

With 12 years of conventions and 8 years of cosplaying under her belt, Bamzy is a face of the local community that many recognize. 

Normally adorned in big armour builds or wielding a large prop or weapon, she is someone who is always friendly and loves to interact with new people and share her love and passions for crafting, anime and videogames. 

Over the last 3 years, she has begun to teach workshops and panels for building/painting and creating cosplay armour and props. Sharing her knowledge to help others craft and create has become her new love of the hobby. 

You can find most of her work on her Instagram, Facebook page and Patreon. 

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