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Lynn Unlimited

Lynn Unlimited

When she was a child, Lynn would turn on her favourite anime, smother herself in her mom’s makeup and craft from morning until night. Nearly a quarter of a century later, and not much has changed. Constantly craving all things nerdy, creative and cosmetic, Lynn found herself walking into her first comic convention nearly three years ago and never walked out. Conventions quickly became the best part of the year, and an amazing way to meet new friends and discover new local artists!

Today you can find her online, a chameleon of cosplay, under the online handle, Lynn Unlimited. Lynn has quickly become known for specializing in large armour builds, specialty wigs, and the cosmetic side of cosplay. She is addicted to planning large concept group cosplays and working with new people both in Canada and the United States, with hopes to branch out even further one day!

This little anime nerd has turned what she was once teased about, into her greatest strength. She has already worked with some of the biggest names in the game, and is always looking to further her skills, and work with new and different people in the industry. Soon she hopes to use her skills to teach her own unique way of cosplay crafting to the online community via Youtube (so keep your eyes open for that)! Her greatest goal is to help teach others how to let their geeky side take over, and to not be ashamed of what you love (and of course make some awesome costumes along the way)!

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